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The RGP is accountable to:

  1. Its membership for helping to meet the health care needs of frail seniors in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas.
  2. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and to the Local Health Integration Networks for prudent use of public funds.

Board Composition

The RGP board sets the program's vision, mission and policies, and supervise the affairs of the corporation. It is ultimately accountable to the Ministry, to the University of Toronto and, through its membership, to the citizens of the GTA and surrounding areas for the program.

The RGP board has a maximum of 11 directors who are elected by the members of the corporation. To reflect the mission of the RGP, and provide a balance among institutional and community interests, the composition of the Board composition is as follows:

  1. 4 members from participating organizations (trustee or CEO)
  2. 1 member who brings an academic perspective to the board by virtue of their active expertise in education and/or research
  3. 6 members-at-large who are citizens in the community

All directors are nominated through a nomination process conducted by the RGP's Board Executive Committee. They are selected based on their diverse perspectives and experience, their capacity to provide excellent board leadership and their commitment to the vision and mission of the RGP.

All members of the RGP have the opportunity to elect the board at the annual general meeting.

Board of Directors


From Hospitals with RGP Participation Agreements:
Anne-Marie Malek (Chair)
Karim Mamdani
Tim Rutledge
Ru Taggar
Ross Upshur
Gail Donner
Scott Dudgeon (Vice-Chair)
Cathy Fooks
David Harvey
Linda Jackson
Shirlee Sharkey

RGP Staff:
Barbara Liu, Executive Director (ex officio)
Marlene Awad, Director of Operations (Staff)


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All members of the RGP Board listed in the Board Composition section above are also members of the Corporation.